Our History
WebCheckout was designed and deployed in 1999 for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a campus-wide equipment and facility scheduling and management software solution to manage their large and distributed equipment circulation and room scheduling operations. Since that time, WebCheckout has expanded to approximately 300 academic institutions around the world to become the de facto market leader in equipment scheduling and resource management software.

WebCheckout was a pioneer in leveraging thin-client software architecture for large scale database-driven web applications, using open-source operating systems and inexpensive Intel hardware. And the sun continues to rise on the WebCheckout horizon.

Our Mission
Our mission is to continue to produce the highest quality software possible, to remain at the front of the technology curve, abreast of the evolving needs of our customers, and along the way to continue to provide the highest quality of personalized support to our customers.

Our Goal
Our goal is for WebCheckout to be the one system used to manage every aspect of all institutional resources, including planning, installation, monitoring, inventorying, scheduling, maintenance, repair, and decommissioning.

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