Reservations, checkouts and checkins are just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s a lot more to it than that. Managing your inventory means determining how long each person can have each piece of equipment. Deciding how many times equipment can be renewed. Developing processes and procedures to deal with lost or broken equipment. Instituting penalties and repercussions for unruly patrons.

That’s just the beginning of the problems WebCheckout Pro addresses. WebCheckout Pro manages the complete lifecycle of your inventory and those who handle it. WebCheckout Pro extends the life of your valuables, offers you an eagle’s eye view of your operation, and gives you the data you need to make sound decisions for your growing department.

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Control Your Assets and Locations

Keep track of your departments activities using WebCheckout Pro’s dashboard and use a dedicated monitor to keep an eye on upcoming events and reports ahead of when you need them.

Save Every Detail About Your Equipment and Rooms

Capture comprehensive data about your circulating, non-circulating equipment, and rooms. Build custom fields to save and report on your unique, mission-critical data. Save unlimited attachments for each resource including invoices receipts, photos, and instruction manuals.

Become a Master of Data-Driven Decisions

Run and report on reocurring inventory projects. Keep a complete audit trail of historicl records on equipment, customers, and bookings. Use usage and turndown reports to gain insights for future purchases.

Scalable and flexible with custom add-ons to meet your every need.