A new offering from the WebCheckout team

WebCheckout Lite is a sleek and simple starting dish designed to wet the palates of smaller operations. For twenty years, WebCheckout Pro has been the gold standard for portable inventory control. But not everyone has the budget or the need for everything WebCheckout has to offer. WebCheckout Lite is everything you need to grow your start-up and scale your operation from the ground up.

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Same Power – Simpler Solution

WebCheckout Lite The best tastes of WebCheckout Pro are now available in a smart and slimmed down solution for small operations. Enjoy numerous inventory management and control features like:

  • Prevent double booking.
  • Fine-grained control over usage policies such as when patrons can make reservations and for how long.
  • Email confirmation and reminders.
  • Extensive usage reports, analytics and history tracking.
  • Complete inventory history tracking.

Effortless, Fast, Secure Installation

  • WebCheckout Lite is Cloud-based, so easy updates with no IT burden.
  • Built to be deployed quickly, you can expect to be using WebCheckout Lite in just a week.
  • Secure, certified data center keeps your data separated and safe from other users.
  • Easy trade up path to WebCheckout Pro without missing a beat or losing any data.

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