Unmatched flexibility for high volume operations.

We think about equipment scheduling differently. This is what we live for – and what our customers depend on.

We’ve developed specialized scheduling methods like Reservation by Resource Type and Bundles.

Both methods offer unmatched flexibility during the equipment selection process. Our Specialized Scheduling solutions generate numerous routes for your customers to get exactly what they need.

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Reservation by Resource Type (RRT) Gives You More Possibilities

Operations that distribute portable equipment need inventory management software that works the way they do. Maybe you want to checkout only a certain type of camera, or maybe you don’t want patrons to be able to checkout a certain type of equipment.

Or maybe you want to allow both.

RRT facilitates booking resources in a more dynamic way. Most importantly, RRT allows more flexibility in dealing with situations that can arise such as:

  • Late returns.
  • Equipment that is damaged, being maintained or calibrated.
  • Substituting equipment that is in-hand or readily available.

Bundles – Flexible to Help you Work Smarter

WebCheckout’s Bundle module allows you to group equipment together into functional “bundles” that make it easier for your customers to book. Bundles come in handy when:

  • You want to make a shortcut for sets of things that are generally booked together (I.e. camera, lens, tripod, SD cards) but, you want more flexibility than WebCheckout’s kits mechanism.
  • You want to make an offering to your customers who are unsure of what equipment would best fit their needs.

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