Take proper care of your inventory.

Extend the life of your equipment with WebCheckout’s Repair and Preventative Maintenance Module. Track repairs, tally costs, and calibrate your inventory in a way that corresponds with your processes.

Best of all, your equipment’s offline times integrate with WebCheckout’s booking schedules so you and your customers can eliminate disruptions.

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Thorough Record Keeping

  • Track time and labor costs on every ticket
  • Customers can create tickets within Patron Portal
  • Keep a log of everything that happened to a ticket
  • A complete history of tickets is saved with each resource
  • Keep all paperwork with tickets or resources

Keep Equipment in Ship-Shape

  • Authorized operators in WebCheckout can take equipment offline for service
  • Create maintenance and calibration schedules for each item or type of equipment
  • Track your favorite vendors

Manage Your Workload

  • Tickets can be used to track both in-house and outside vendor repairs
  • You can automatically assign tickets to technicians 3 ways:
    1. Based on repair specialty
    2. Round robin
    3. Based on who has the least tickets

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