Manage your staff like a pro.

In the end, that’s what a circulating inventory boils down to. Your inventory, your policies for using and maintaining it, and the people who do it.

WebCheckout’s Personnel Scheduling Module lets you manage your staff efficiently while keeping all parties on the same page. It is the perfect companion to comprehensive management of circulating and fixed equipment management.

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Manage Your Staff with Ease

The Personnel Scheduling Module provides a turnkey way to manage full- and part-time staff for shifts and productions. Employee schedules can be copied for weeks and even months.

Managers specify their staff and assign proficiencies and skillsets which can be used as criteria for inclusion on a shift or production.

Managers track assigned hours and are flagged when assigned hours exceed thresholds.

Shifts and Productions appear on calendar feeds for each employee and manager. By integrating with the Messaging Module, employee can be alerted to accept, decline, or offer shifts to other colleagues.

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