Let customers see what you have to offer.

Managing your inventory can be complex, but your customer’s experience doesn’t have to be.

WebCheckout’s Patron Portal lets your customers reserve equipment through a vibrant, simple, and highly accessible mobile interface. And it does all of this while still letting you make the rules. Here’s how:

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Patron Portal Enforces Your Policies

  • Design Patron Portal to only preview equipment each user is allowed to see.
  • Add an extra layer of security by authenticating users through SSO or LDAP.
  • Apply restrictions such as how long equipment can be loaned.

Patron Portal is Easy and Informative

  • Patron Portal will work on any mobile device.
  • We’re proud to report that Patron Portal meets all ADA accessibility requirements (WCAG 2.0, Level AA.)
  • Seamlessly initiate trouble tickets that can be managed by the Repair and Preventative Maintenance Module.
  • Automatically display commonly booked items for any piece of equipment.
  • Let customers view attachments such as images, documentation, and calibration and maintenance records.
  • Let customers create favorite lists or simply copy past orders

Patron Portal can be Customized

  • Equipment is previewed and organized according to your preferences.
  • Require the acceptance of Terms and Conditions and/or a questionnaire that’s unique to your operation.
  • Offer information on equipment such as online links and condition note.
  • Adjust the colors and graphics of Patron Portal to match your organization’s brand.
  • Allow users to modify or even cancel orders remotely.

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