Track your equipment on the go and report findings instantly.

WebCheckout Pro’s Mobile Inventory App (MIA) is a powerful solution for tackling those dreaded inventory management projects. Harness the power of MIA and before long it will become your partner in good inventory stewardship.

MIA consists of a management interface for creating and monitoring projects; and processing reports from the field.

MIA is powerful data collection tool that can be used by field technicians to follow the projects, scan the inventory and report back issues.

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Taking Stock of your Inventory is a Necessary Evil

The scale of physical inventories cause many organizations to only do it once a year, if at all. That’s where MIA comes in—it gives you an easy way to divide, monitor, and conquer your inventory projects.

The Key to Excellent Inventory Stewardship

Comprehensive inventory record keeping is central to tracking your inventory’s lifecycle. MIA expands those capabilities, seamlessly integrating into WebCheckout Pro’s central record keeping.

MIA Use Cases

  • Divide your inventory into manageable small projects based on location, equipment type, etc.
  • Easily track the progress of projects at any time
  • Tailor specific instructions for individual technicians
  • Receive, store and, track communication from technicians on findings in the field
  • Use mobile devices and barcode scanners
  • Update outdated or inaccurate location information
  • Records of all scans are saved with the equipment records in WebCheckout

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