Send custom communications to your customers and staff.

WebCheckout Pro’s Messaging Module is a wide-ranging set of features designed to manage communication with customers and staff. The Messaging Module is responsible for sending email reminders and notifications; serving data to calendars of all sorts; and providing data feeds for digital signage or on-demand reports.

WebCheckout’s Messaging Module sends automated, template-driven emails such as reservation confirmations, late reminders, and invoice messages to patrons. And all messages are delivered on a schedule that you define. All messages are editable to conform to your messaging requirements, and they also include the ability to CC and BCC recipients you specify.

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Adjustable Templates

The Messaging Modules lets you tailor your email templates to fit your unique voice and processes. You can even enable specific information to populate into the message (Example: Reserved equipment, names, and return times.)

Change Frequency, and Include Others

Want to message a tardy customer every 3 hours for the next 2 days? The Messaging Module gives you an array of options for the frequency of your messages. Additionally, you can CC and BCC others on some of your most important emails.

Email Templates for Each Unique Topic

We want to automate as many administrative messages as we possibly can. The Messaging Module provides users with numerous types of messages including (but not limited to):

  • Pending Approval Status
  • Approval notification
  • Impending Cancellation
  • Pickup Reminders
  • Invoice Created
  • Overdue Checkout Reminder
  • Edited Reservation
  • Checkout Confirmed
  • Checkout Renewed

Like this one? Pair it with these.

The Messaging Module is excellent when paired with the Repair and Preventative Maintenance Module, Personnel Scheduling Module and Billing Module. Through these solutions, the Messaging Module can notify update employees as well as your valuable customers.