Control access to your most valuable and complex resources.

Delicate, costly – or even dangerous – equipment deserves an extra layer of protection. WebCheckout Pro lets you easily control access to these items with the Certification Module.

The Certification Module is an easy-to-use mechanism that limits access to specific resources such as laser cutters, 3-D printers or even heavy or dangerous machinery.

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Prove Your Customer’s Qualifications

Qualify access to your equipment based on 4 categories:

  • Proven skill set
  • Completion of a proficiency course
  • Passing a test
  • Manager approval

Schedule Certification Expiration

  • Specify how long each certification is valid.
  • Attach documents (paperwork, supporting material) to each customers’ certification.

Use Case Example

Jim is a junior at DoWell University and is taking an advanced cinematography course. The Inventory Manager can use the Certifications Module to grant Jim and his classmates access to the Red Cameras for the duration of the course.

Once Jim has completed advanced cinematography, WebCheckout will automatically disable Jim from checking out this resource type.

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